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Solidarity membership (in US Dollars)

Solidarity membership (in US Dollars)


Solidarity membership to Village Pilote means taking part in a virtuous process of social, family, school and professional rehabilitation in order to give back a better future to children from 3 to 25 years old :

  • identification of vulnerable youth in the street and in prison
  • reception / accommodation / withdrawal
  • medical care / hygiene
  • food
  • clothing
  • sports and cultural activities
  • schooling / literacy
  • education for citizenship and global solidarity
  • raising awareness of environmental issues
  • bringing the youngest back to their families 
  • training the teenagers (10 professional activities)
  • professional integration for the others

In 2019, thanks to the solidarity memberships, our key goal is to take care of 300 children who have lived in or passed through the street or prison (80 more than in 2018).


Join Village Pilote from $5/month to take part in the care of 300 children in 2019


By becoming a member of Village Pilote, you will get: 

  • subscription to our quarterly newsletter
  • organisation of an on-site visit to our center in Pink Lake city, Senegal (upon request)
  • invitations to our private events in your area
  • special offers from our partners (artisans and companies with social responsibility)
  • access to our photo and video reports.


Solidarity membership to Village Pilote starts from $5/month ($60/year).

This entry fee is willingly very affordable so anyone could join regardless their livelihood, especially for students and jobless persons.

You are free to give more, though. For example, with 15$, we can provide a complete meal to 30 children in our center in Pink Lake city. 

Please note that if you are taxable in France, you can deduct 75% of your gift.


Thank you for your support!



Déduction fiscale

Après votre don, l'organisme vous fera parvenir un reçu fiscal. Si vous êtes imposable, il vous permettra de bénéficier d'une réduction d'impôts de 75% du montant de votre don.

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